Articles by Sholom Wacholder

Validation Studies: Bias, Efficiency, and Exposure Assessment

Chatterjee, Nilanjan; Wacholder, Sholom

Epidemiology. 13(5):503-506, September 2002.

Do Confounding or Selection Factors of Residential Wiring Codes and Magnetic Fields Distort Findings of Electromagnetic Fields Studies?

Hatch, Elizabeth E.; Kleinerman, Ruth A.; Linet, Martha S.; More

Epidemiology. 11(2):189-198, March 2000.

Association between Childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and Use of Electrical Appliances during Pregnancy and Childhood

Hatch, Elizabeth E.; Linet, Martha S.; Kleinerman, Ruth A.; More

Epidemiology. 9(3):234-245, May 1998.

Magnetic Field Exposure Assessment in a Case-Control Study of Childhood Leukemia

Kleinerman, Ruth A.; Linet, Martha S.; Hatch, Elizabeth E.; More

Epidemiology. 8(5):575-583, September 1997.