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Articles by Klea Katsouyanni

Association Between Short-term Exposure to Ultrafine Particles and Mortality in Eight European Urban Areas

Stafoggia, Massimo; Schneider, Alexandra; Cyrys, Josef; More

Epidemiology. 28(2):172-180, March 2017.

Long-term Exposure to Air Pollution and Cardiovascular Mortality: An Analysis of 22 European Cohorts

Beelen, Rob; Stafoggia, Massimo; Raaschou-Nielsen, Ole; More

Epidemiology. 25(3):368-378, May 2014.

Effects of Heat Waves on Mortality: Effect Modification and Confounding by Air Pollutants

Analitis, Antonis; Michelozzi, Paola; D’Ippoliti, Daniela; More

Epidemiology. 25(1):15-22, January 2014.

O-177: The PHASE Project - Public Health Adaptation Strategies to Extreme Weather Events in Europe

Michelozzi, Paola; Bargagli, Anna Maria; de'Donato, Francesca; More

Epidemiology. 23(5S):, September 2012.

Aircraft Noise Exposure and Use of Medication

Vigna-Taglianti, Federica; Floud, Sarah; Hansell, Anna; More

Epidemiology. 20(6):S237, November 2009.

Heat Effects on Mortality in 15 European Cities

Baccini, Michela; Biggeri, Annibale; Accetta, Gabriele; More

Epidemiology. 19(5):711-719, September 2008.

Air Temperature and Inflammatory Responses in Myocardial Infarction Survivors

Schneider, Alexandra; Panagiotakos, Demosthenes; Picciotto, Sally; More

Epidemiology. 19(3):391-400, May 2008.

Short-Term Effects of Ambient Particles on Cardiovascular and Respiratory Mortality

Analitis, Antonis; Katsouyanni, Klea; Dimakopoulou, Konstantina; More

Epidemiology. 17(2):230-233, March 2006.

Short-Term Effects of Air Pollution on Total and Cardiovascular Mortality: The Confounding Effect of Influenza Epidemics

Touloumi, Giota; Samoli, Evangelia; Quenel, Philippe; More

Epidemiology. 16(1):49-57, January 2005.

Different Convergence Parameters Applied to the S-PLUS GAM Function

Katsouyanni, Klea; Touloumi, Giota; Samoli, Evangelia; More

Epidemiology. 13(6):742, November 2002.

The Temporal Pattern of Mortality Responses to Air Pollution: A Multicity Assessment of Mortality Displacement

Zanobetti, Antonella; Schwartz, Joel; Samoli, Evi; More

Epidemiology. 13(1):87-93, January 2002.

Confounding and Effect Modification in the Short-Term Effects of Ambient Particles on Total Mortality: Results from 29 European Cities within the APHEA2 Project

Katsouyanni, Klea; Touloumi, Giota; Samoli, Evangelia; More

Epidemiology. 12(5):521-531, September 2001.