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Articles by Diane R. Gold

Exposure to Traffic Emissions and Fine Particulate Matter and Computed Tomography Measures of the Lung and Airways

Rice, Mary B.; Li, Wenyuan; Dorans, Kirsten S.; More

Epidemiology. 29(3):333-341, May 2018.

The Impact of Multipollutant Clusters on the Association Between Fine Particulate Air Pollution and Microvascular Function

Ljungman, Petter L.; Wilker, Elissa H.; Rice, Mary B.; More

Epidemiology. 27(2):194-201, March 2016.

Prenatal Exposure to Traffic Pollution: Associations with Reduced Fetal Growth and Rapid Infant Weight Gain

Fleisch, Abby F.; Rifas-Shiman, Sheryl L.; Koutrakis, Petros; More

Epidemiology. 26(1):43-50, January 2015.

Associations between Measures of Heart Rate Variability and Residential Proximity to Main Road in a Population-based Cohort of Adults (SAPALDIA Study)

Dietrich, Denise Felber; Schindler, Christian; Barthélémy, Jean-Claude; More

Epidemiology. 17(6):S55-S56, November 2006.