Articles by Adrian Cassidy

Occupational Exposure to Crystalline Silica and Risk of Lung Cancer: A Multicenter Case–Control Study in Europe

Cassidy, Adrian; Mannetje, Andrea't; van Tongeren, Martie; More

Epidemiology. 18(1):36-43, January 2007.

Lung Cancer and Occupation in Nonsmokers: A Multicenter Case–Control Study in Europe

Zeka, Ariana; Mannetje, Andrea't; Zaridze, David; More

Epidemiology. 17(6):615-623, November 2006.

Assessing Exposure Misclassification by Expert Assessment in Multicenter Occupational Studies

Mannetje, Andrea ’t; Fevotte, Joelle; Fletcher, Tony; More

Epidemiology. 14(5):585-592, September 2003.