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As of 1 January 2021, Sunni Mumford will join our team of editors, which also includes Jay S. Kaufman, William C. Miller, Sonja A. Swanson, Stephanie J. London, and Paul Gustafson. We welcome Sunni and look forward to the influence she will have on the journal. 

Andrew F. Olshan decided to rotate off the editor list after seven years, during which time he handled 386 manuscript submissions on topics ranging from reproductive, pediatric, and perinatal epidemiology, to cancer epidemiology, to cardiovascular epidemiology. He was instrumental in the addition of validation studies to the journal's article types.  Andy's expertise, judgment, and editing skills added immeasurable quality to the papers we published with his oversight. We are grateful beyond words for the time he committed to the journal. 

This group of editors are the seldom recognized heroines and heroes of the journal. They typically handle about five papers at a time: inviting reviewers, evaluating reviews, guiding authors towards improved presentation and interpretation of their research, and offering insights on the journal's policies and operations. Their efforts require three to five hours a week, without a break and with little recognition or compensation. 

I am grateful for all of them, and encourage readers and authors to give a word of thanks when next you see one of them.


Timothy L. Lash