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Bias due to confounders for the exposure-competing risk relationship when estimating the cumulative incidence function or subdistribution relative hazard

Biases in randomized trials: a conversation between trialists and epidemiologists

Collinearity and causal diagrams - a lesson on the importance of model specification

Evaluation of medication-mediated effects in pharmacoepidemiology

Interventional effects for mediation analysis with multiple mediators

Investigating uncertainty in the minimum mortality temperature: methods and application to 52 Spanish cities  

Parametric mediational g-formula approach to mediation analysis with time-varying exposures, mediators, and confounders: an application for smoking, weight, and blood pressure

Spatial prediction of Coxiella burnetii outbreak exposure and asymptomatic infections with notified case counts in a dose-response model

Variable selection for confounding adjustment in high-dimensional covariate spaces when analyzing healthcare databases

Environmental Epidemiology

Exposure to wildfire-specific fine particulate matter and risk of hospital admissions in urban and rural counties in the Western US 2004-2009

Impact of air pollution and noise from road traffic on preeclampsia and pregnancy- induced hypertensive disorders: a cohort study


Bayesian analysis of silica exposure and lung cancer, incorporating prior information from animal studies and a model for measurement error

Cesarean delivery and subsequent fecundability

Low-level mercury exposure and risk of asthma in school-age children

Maternal exposure to aeroallergens and the risk of early delivery

Modeling the effects of e-cigarettes on smoking behavior: implications for future adult smoking prevalence

Spatial variability in the persistence of PCV-targeted pneumococcal serotypes among adults


A cohort study of cancer incidence in workers exposed to styrene in the Danish reinforced plastics industry 1968-2012

A dietary substitution analysis of the theoretical effects of substituting butter with different kinds of margarine on the risk of cardiovascular disease in postmenopausal women

Exposure response analyses of asbestos and lung cancer subtypes in a pooled analysis of case-control studies in Europe and Canada

Fine stratification by propensity score is preferable to matching or coarse stratification when exposure is infrequent

Preconception female serum concentrations of perfluoroalkyl chemicals, menstrual cycle length and fecundity: results from a prospective pregnancy study