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Published Ahead-of-Print - Last Updated: November 06, 2019

The editors of this journal are pleased to offer electronic publication of accepted papers prior to print publication. These papers can be cited using the date of access and the unique DOI number. Any final changes in manuscripts will be made at the time of print publication and will be reflected in the final electronic version of the issue.

Disclaimer: Articles appearing in this Published Ahead-of-Print section have been peer-reviewed and accepted for publication in this journal and posted online before print publication. Articles appearing here may contain statements, opinions, and information that have errors in facts, figures, or interpretation. Accordingly, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, the editors and authors and their respective employees are not responsible or liable for the use of any such inaccurate or misleading data, opinion or information contained in the articles in this section.

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Evaluating the Sensitivity of PM2.5-Mortality Associations to the Spatial and Temporal Scale of Exposure Assessment

Crouse, Dan L; Erickson, Anders C; Christidis, Tanya; More

Epidemiology. ., Post Acceptance: November 04, 2019

Measuring relationships between proactive reporting state-level prescription drug monitoring programs and county-level fatal prescription opioid overdoses

Cerdá, Magdalena; Ponicki, William; Smith, Nathan; More

Epidemiology. ., Post Acceptance: October 07, 2019

Early Life Exposure to Air Pollution and Autism Spectrum Disorder: Findings from a Multisite Case–Control Study

McGuinn, Laura A.; Windham, Gayle C.; Kalkbrenner, Amy E.; More

Epidemiology. ., Post Acceptance: October 01, 2019

Ingested nitrate and nitrite and bladder cancer in Northern New England

Barry, Kathryn Hughes; Jones, Rena R.; Cantor, Kenneth P.; More

Epidemiology. ., Post Acceptance: September 30, 2019

Laryngeal Cancer Risks in Workers Exposed to Lung Carcinogens: Exposure–Effect Analyses Using a Quantitative Job Exposure Matrix

Hall, Amy L.; Kromhout, Hans; Schüz, Joachim; More

Epidemiology. ., Post Acceptance: October 01, 2019

Use of Time-Dependent Propensity Scores to Adjust Hazard Ratio Estimates in Cohort Studies with Differential Depletion of Susceptibles

Wyss, Richard; Gagne, Joshua J; Zhao, Yueqin; More

Epidemiology. ., Post Acceptance: September 26, 2019

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