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Voices Amplified

Wilcox, Allen J.

doi: 10.1097/EDE.0b013e31824dede3

The latest installment of our Voices series appears in this issue—an interview of Olli Miettinen by James Hanley.1 This interview is 21st in the series, which we launched nearly a decade ago with Sarah Darby's interview of Richard Doll.2 Our intent, then and now, has been to capture the history and development of our profession from the perspective of men and women who helped shape it.

The original recordings (some VHS, some CDs, and some simply audio tape recordings) have been stashed in a file drawer in my office with the vague idea that these would someday be of interest to others. What I did not anticipate was how quickly modern technology would allow us to make these recordings available to the world.

Katie O'Brien (a doctoral student at the University of North Carolina and Epidemiology's first student intern) has been editing the Voices interviews into 3- to 4-minute video clips that we can post on our Web site. As I hope you will soon discover, she has done a terrific job. The musical theme for these video clips is a piece played by Henry Blackburn—an accomplished musician and eminent cardiovascular epidemiologist who has himself been a subject of a Voices interview.3 Katie has also made the complete audio portions of the original interviews available as podcasts.

As of today, you can go to our Web site ( and find our first 3 postings. You will find clips of Richard Doll, Zena Stein, and Olli Miettinen in the “Video” section of the home page, and hear their full-length audio interviews (ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours) in the “Podcast” sections. (The interview with Olli Miettinen can also be accessed in its complete video format on a McGill University Web site:

Not every recording is technically good enough to post, but most are. We hope the ones we are able to make available will give you insights not only on our field but on the personalities that have influenced it. Future postings will be announced on our Facebook page and by Twitter, which you can sign up for on our Web page. We continue to build our collection of Voices interviews, and we look forward to sharing these with you not just in print, but in all the richness and candor of their original format.

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