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Twenty Years and Counting

Wilcox, Allen J.

doi: 10.1097/EDE.0b013e31818f6506

This issue of the journal inaugurates our 20th volume—the journal's 20th year. We may no longer be rash upstarts, but that doesn't mean we are content to coast. The urge to make a difference inspired Ken Rothman to launch Epidemiology in 1990, and it continues to spur us today. Electronic publication is expanding our reach and our opportunities. Subscribers should note that they now have free online access to every paper ever published in Epidemiology. There were nearly 350,000 views and downloads of our articles in 2007, and that number is steadily climbing. (As for those diehard readers who still enjoy thumbing hard copies, we will continue to provide the vignettes and remembrances—and yes, editorials—that online browsers easily miss.)

As another milestone, this issue marks the last for Sholom Wacholder, who has served as an Editor and our methodologist-in-chief since 2002. Sholom launched his term as Editor by announcing “WANTED: Readable papers on practical epidemiologic methods.”1 I can't think of a more succinct statement of what readers (including me) would like to see in methods papers—and of what Sholom has helped to cultivate at Epidemiology. Sholom has handled hundreds of methods manuscripts and shepherded a select fraction to the finish line, gently nudging authors toward clarity and utility. Sholom's service to the journal has been invaluable, and replacing him will not be easy. We are lucky to have Miguel Hernán to pick up the load, with assistance from Jay Kaufman. The editors may change, but our policy on methods papers remains the same—we welcome papers that are not only innovative but useful.

The Editors also extend a word of thanks to Jouni Jaakkola, Elio Riboli, Isabelle Romieu, and Meir Stampfer, who are ending 5-year terms on our Board of Editors. Our Board members carry an extra burden of reviews and serve as the journal's representatives in the wider epidemiologic community. We welcome Ben Armstrong of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine for a second term, along with new members Maria Glymour of Harvard University, Robert Hoover of the US National Cancer Institute, Nino Kuenzli of the Center for Research in Environmental Epidemiology (Barcelona), Tyler Vanderweele of the University of Chicago, and Anna Wu of the University of Southern California. We're glad to have their help as we launch the journal's next 20 years.

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1. Wacholder S. WANTED: readable papers on practical epidemiologic methods. Epidemiology. 2000;13:617–618.
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