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Abstracts: ISEE 20th Annual Conference, Pasadena, California, October 12–16, 2008: Symposium Abstracts

Genetic and Environmental Determinants of Global and CpG Methylation in Children's Respiratory System

Gilliland, F

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doi: 10.1097/01.ede.0000339618.79352.33
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The study of environmental contributions to alterations in the epigenome is a rapidly developing field. In this presentation, the focus is on environmental contribution to different patterns of DNA methylation among children who have participated in the Children's Health Study, a 15 year longitudinal study of children's respiratory health. We present ongoing work about the effects of tobacco smoke and air pollutants on respiratory track global DNA methylation, hypermethylation of the p16 promoter regions, and methylation status of 1505 specific CpGs. Preliminary analyses suggest that common environmental exposures during growth and development may influence epigenetic patterns in children.

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