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Virtual Communities

Wilcox, Allen J.

doi: 10.1097/01.ede.0000254653.69858.88

Scientific journals, like newspapers, help create a sense of community. The community that reads Epidemiology is not joined by geography or family relationships, but it is just as real—a community that nourishes friendships, entertains feuds, celebrates reunions, and shares common values across distance and culture.

One place where this virtual community is expressed most concretely is in our Editorial Board. The members of the Board take on a special responsibility to the journal. They provide extra duty as frequent reviewers. They make the final selection for the annual Rothman Epidemiology Prize (with a new winner to be announced in our next issue). Perhaps most importantly, they act as the editors’ eyes and ears in the wider world, providing us with suggestions for the journal and offering feedback.

When the present Editors and I assumed stewardship of the journal 6 years ago, we instituted 5-year terms for our Board members. This year we say thanks to a particularly distinguished lot as they finish their terms: Pierre Buekens, Sander Greenland, Patricia Hartge, Irva Hertz-Picciotto, and Charlie Poole. Every one has provided indispensable service to the journal during these past years. Sander deserves special recognition for his long run—he was on the inaugural Editorial Board established by Ken Rothman at the journal’s founding in 1990. His record of service with Epidemiology is unlikely to be surpassed.

We are pleased to announce 5 new members to our Board: Sven Cnattingius of Karolinska Institutet, Stephen Cole of Johns Hopkins University, Sandro Galea and Hal Morgenstern, both at the University of Michigan, and Miquel Porta of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. To these distinguished colleagues we say welcome, and thanks for helping the journal extend its connections to new neighborhoods.

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