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Staykova, Jeni*; Turnovska, Tanya; Petkov, Tonko

The Sixteenth Conference of the International Society for Environmental Epidemiology (ISEE): Abstracts

*Manager of Hygiene Epidemiologic Inspectorate; †Medical University, Dept. of Hygiene and Ecomedicine; ‡Air Transport Institute


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It considers that as a very strong stressing factor, the noise of an aircraft traffic is etiologically connected with decrease of the unspecific resistance of the constitution, with increased risk of mental disorders and blood-vascular diseases, diseases of digestion systems etc. Systematically disturbing of the calmness and sleep are aggravated elements into the vice circle of the pathological processes. It is expected that the forthcoming accession of Bulgaria in the European Union will lead to intensification of the air traffic, which will force enlargement not only of the function, but also of the base of the Bulgarian airports. The assessment of their influence over the living surroundings and health of the population living near is an important prerequisite for effective decision making, connected with further development of the airport complexes.

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To analyse the health status of the population living close to three of the most loaded up airports in Bulgaria – Sofia (the capital of Bulgaria, with 1,178,579 habitants), Varna (the biggest Black sea resort in the country with 461,174 habitants and Bourgas (seaside resort with 422,458 habitants).

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It is examined the ambulatory polyclinic morbidity rate (among children 0–17 years old – prevalence) and adults (17+ years old – incidence) of base classes, some groups and subgroups of diseases (ICD – IX Revision).

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It was found significant and authentic higher morbidity rate among the population living near to the airport complexes in the three towns in comparison with the population from the controlled regions by number of diseases: Children – Total diseases (‰): 3613.00 – Bourgas; 3450.24 – Varna 3081.58 – Sofia, the while morbidity rate among children living in the distant areas is between 1327.52 and 2506.76. Adults - Total diseases (‰): 1376.56 – Bourgas; 1207.23 – Sofia; 903.93 – Varna, as long as morbidity rate among the adults living in the controlled areas is between 398.89 and 569.49. The same results were found about “Diseases of the nervous system and the sense organs”, “Mental disorders”, “Diseases of the blood circulatory organs” including hypertension, “Diseases of the digestive system” and others. The differences are characterized with high level of significance.

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The function of the airport complexes in the towns of Sofia, Varna and Bourgas has a negative impact on the health status of the population living close to them. In order to decrease this negative impact it is necessary a complex of measures to be implemented such as sanitary-technical, organizational and health-preventing measures.

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