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Wilcox, Allen J.


When I started work as an epidemiologist, there weren’t many of us who studied reproduction and pregnancy. One who shared this interest was Joyce Piper, an epidemiologist at Vanderbilt University. Although I did not know Joyce well, the two of us often found ourselves attending the same sessions of SER, and I came to think of us as part of the same academic community. Her death at age 46 came as a shock, not only because it was so untimely but because her passing was so little noticed among our profession. There is no blame for this—it was simply a matter of having no obvious or routine way to mark the loss of a colleague.

By and large, this is still true today.

In this issue, you will find a remembrance of Gil Beebe by his colleagues at NCI (page 488). Dr. Beebe died on 10 March 2003 after a distinguished career as a radiation epidemiologist. The Editors of Epidemiology have chosen to publish this remembrance not only to honor Dr. Beebe, but to signal to our readers that we are opening our pages for this purpose. We offer this venue to anyone who wishes to celebrate the life, and mark the death, of one of our colleagues.

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