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Welcome to Sholom Wacholder

Wilcox, Allen J.



From its very first issue, Epidemiology has been a journal of methods as well as results. As the heirs of this legacy, the current Editors intend not just to maintain it but also to build on it. In this light, we are exceptionally pleased to welcome Sholom Wacholder as a new Editor of the journal.

Sholom is among that small and invaluable group of theoreticians who recognize the need to make their work accessible to the rest of us. His classic series of papers on case-control studies helped establish his reputation as a methodologist who is also a pragmatist.

We welcome Sholom’s pragmatism. With Sholom as the editor handling methodologic papers, we expect the journal to be even more effective at providing you with methods papers that address the real problems of practicing epidemiologists.

We have invited Sholom to provide a statement of his plans, which appears below. Whether your engagement with him is as a reader, a reviewer or an author, we trust you will benefit from the new perspectives he brings to Epidemiology.

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