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Rothman, Kenneth J. Editor; Cann, Cristina I. Associate Editor; Lang, Janet M. Associate Editor


Aside from seasonal trends and the expected day-to-day variability, the stream of submissions to Epidemiology has become highly dependable. When we began, we watched the mail with considerable anxiety, but in time our assurance grew that the manuscripts would keep coming, and we settled into the job of editing them. With the help of generous reviewers, we have reviewed the work of thousands of authors, making hard choices and then working with authors to meet our editorial preferences – some would say quirks – so that we could present the best work and the best writing to our readers. This activity has been its own reward, a steady source of stimulation for each of us. The manuscripts and the dialogues surrounding them have been our portal to a wide variety of talented epidemiologists working around the world, a privilege that we value strongly.

Nevertheless, we see the progression of the journal as a relay, not a marathon, and for us the time has arrived to pass the baton. Now, a little more than a decade after the start of Epidemiology , we are stepping down from our posts as editors. We are pleased that the journal has flourished. The once fledgling publication is now embedded in libraries and bookshelves worldwide, and has become a perceptible part of a vibrant field. The trajectory of the journal still points upward, and we feel fortunate that it will have strong leadership to guide it even higher: We are happy to announce that the next editor of Epidemiology will be Allen Wilcox. Allen, a singularly accomplished and prominent epidemiologist and editor, hardly needs an introduction to most of our readers. Indeed, Allen penned the first invited editorial that the journal published, in January 1990. His research has been focused on reproductive and environmental epidemiology, but his interests in epidemiology extend beyond those areas to the broad sweep of a broad field. He knows how to engage readers, and we shall all benefit from his attentions. You will be hearing more about his plans for the journal beginning in the next issue.

We wish Allen much success. He and his colleagues now have the responsibility and gratification of working with an impressive cast of authors for the benefit of an esteemed readership. From our position on the sidelines, we will have the pleasure of reading the fruits of their labors in each new issue. (Authors take note: new submissions should be submitted to Allen Wilcox, Editor, Snow Building, Suite 606, 331 W. Main Street, Durham, NC 27701).

Finally, we are extremely grateful to the authors, reviewers, editorial board members and others who have contributed to the success of the journal and who have made our work so enjoyable over these years.

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