May 2016 - Volume 27 - Issue 3 : Epidemiology

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May 2016 - Volume 27 - Issue 3
pp: 311-463,e12-e24

Brief Report: Staged-informed Consent in the Cohort Multiple Randomized Controlled Trial Design

Young-Afat, Danny A.; Verkooijen, Helena A. M.; van Gils, Carla H.; More

Epidemiology. 27(3):389-392, May 2016.

Long-term Coarse Particulate Matter Exposure and Heart Rate Variability in the Multi-ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis

Adhikari, Richa; D’Souza, Jennifer; Soliman, Elsayed Z.; More

Epidemiology. 27(3):405-413, May 2016.

The LEGACY Girls Study: Growth and Development in the Context of Breast Cancer Family History

John, Esther M.; Terry, Mary Beth; Keegan, Theresa H. M.; More

Epidemiology. 27(3):438-448, May 2016.

Prenatal Phthalate Exposures and Body Mass Index Among 4- to 7-Year-old Children: A Pooled Analysis

Buckley, Jessie P.; Engel, Stephanie M.; Braun, Joseph M.; More

Epidemiology. 27(3):449-458, May 2016.

The Authors Respond

Lu, Yuan; Hajifathalian, Kaveh; Rimm, Eric B.; More

Epidemiology. 27(3):e14-e15, May 2016.