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Neighborhood Sociodemographic Effects on the Associations Between Long-term PM2.5 Exposure and Cardiovascular Outcomes and Diabetes Mellitus

Weaver, Anne M.; McGuinn, Laura; Neas, Lucas; More

Environmental Epidemiology. 3(1):e038, February 2019.

Spatial variations in the estimated production of reactive oxygen species in the epithelial lung lining fluid by iron and copper in fine particulate air pollution

Weichenthal, Scott; Shekarrizfard, Maryam; Kulka, Ryan; More

Environmental Epidemiology. 2(3):e020, September 2018.

Telomere length and socioeconomic status at neighborhood and individual levels among 80,000 adults in the Genetic Epidemiology Research on Adult Health and Aging cohort

Alexeeff, Stacey E.; Schaefer, Catherine A.; Kvale, Mark N.; More

Environmental Epidemiology. 3(3):e049, May 2019.

Associations of prenatal exposure to polybrominated diphenyl ethers and polychlorinated biphenyls with long-term gut microbiome structure: a pilot study

Laue, Hannah E.; Brennan, Kasey J. M.; Gillet, Virginie; More

Environmental Epidemiology. 3(1):e039, February 2019.

Associations of mobile source air pollution during the first year of life with childhood pneumonia, bronchiolitis, and otitis media

Kennedy, Caitlin M.; Pennington, Audrey Flak; Darrow, Lyndsey A.; More

Environmental Epidemiology. 2(1):e007, March 2018.

Does temperature-confounding control influence the modifying effect of air temperature in ozone–mortality associations?

Chen, Kai; Wolf, Kathrin; Hampel, Regina; More

Environmental Epidemiology. 2(1):e008, March 2018.