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Assessing the impact of arsenic metabolism efficiency on DNA methylation using Mendelian randomization

DiGiovanni, Anthony; Demanelis, Kathryn; Tong, Lin; More

Environmental Epidemiology. 4(2):e083, April 2020.

Prospective cohort study of respiratory effects at ages 14 to 26 following early life exposure to arsenic in drinking water

Khan, Md Alfazal; Hira-Smith, Meera; Ahmed, Syed Imran; More

Environmental Epidemiology. 4(2):e089, April 2020.

Air pollution, neighborhood deprivation, and autism spectrum disorder in the Study to Explore Early Development

McGuinn, Laura A.; Windham, Gayle C.; Messer, Lynne C.; More

Environmental Epidemiology. 3(5):e067, October 2019.

Ambient air pollution and lung cancer risk among never-smokers in the Women's Health Initiative

Gowda, Shilpa N.; DeRoos, Anneclaire J.; Hunt, Rebecca P.; More

Environmental Epidemiology. 3(6):e076, December 2019.

Telomere length and socioeconomic status at neighborhood and individual levels among 80,000 adults in the Genetic Epidemiology Research on Adult Health and Aging cohort

Alexeeff, Stacey E.; Schaefer, Catherine A.; Kvale, Mark N.; More

Environmental Epidemiology. 3(3):e049, June 2019.

Spatial variations in the estimated production of reactive oxygen species in the epithelial lung lining fluid by iron and copper in fine particulate air pollution

Weichenthal, Scott; Shekarrizfard, Maryam; Kulka, Ryan; More

Environmental Epidemiology. 2(3):e020, September 2018.

A prospective cohort study of in utero and early childhood arsenic exposure and infectious disease in 4- to 5-year-old Bangladeshi children

Ahmed, Sharia M.; Branscum, Adam; Welch, Barrett M.; More

Environmental Epidemiology. 4(2):e086, April 2020.

Parental preconception and prenatal urinary bisphenol A and paraben concentrations and child behavior

Skarha, Julianne; Messerlian, Carmen; Bellinger, David; More

Environmental Epidemiology. 4(1):e082, February 2020.

Comparing the performance of air pollution models for nitrogen dioxide and ozone in the context of a multilevel epidemiological analysis

Butland, Barbara K.; Samoli, Evangelia; Atkinson, Richard W.; More

Environmental Epidemiology. 4(3):e093, June 2020.

Short-term effects of ambient air pollution and outdoor temperature on biomarkers of myocardial damage, inflammation and oxidative stress in healthy adults

Xu, Hongbing; Brook, Robert D.; Wang, Tong; More

Environmental Epidemiology. 3(6):e078, December 2019.

Neighborhood Sociodemographic Effects on the Associations Between Long-term PM2.5 Exposure and Cardiovascular Outcomes and Diabetes Mellitus

Weaver, Anne M.; McGuinn, Laura; Neas, Lucas; More

Environmental Epidemiology. 3(1):e038, February 2019.