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Published by: Lisa Hoffman
Created: 5/4/2010
Contains: 17 Episodes
Podcasts of hot topics in emergency medicine, iInterviews with top specialty experts, and coverage of breaking news and lectures in the specialty.

Published by: Emergency Medicine News
Created: 8/5/2011
Contains: 97 Episodes

Ryan Stanton, MD, interviews specialists and leaders in emergency medicine to help the community emergency provider advance practice and stay on the cutting edge of medicine.

Dr. Stanton is an emergency physician at Baptist Health Lexington and the medical director for Lexington Fire/EMS. He is also the Chief Medical Contributor for WKYT TV, a past president of Kentucky ACEP, and a member of the Public-Media Relations Committee for national ACEP.

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Published by:
Created: 8/18/2016
Contains: 25 Episodes
Dr. Mattu reviews the cardiology literature and dissects what you need to know for emergency medicine practice.

Published by: Richard Pescatore, DO, & Ali Raja, MD
Created: 1/16/2017
Contains: 40 Episodes

Richard Pescatore, DO, and Ali Raja, MD, tackle hot topics in emergency medicine and interview the specialty's movers and shakers. They will also juxtapose their different EDs—community vs. academic—to recommend evidence-based best practices that you can take back to your ED.

Dr. Pescatore is the director of emergency medicine research for the Crozer-Keystone Health System in Chester, PA. Follow him on Twitter @Rick_Pescatore. Dr. Raja is the executive vice chair of emergency medicine and an associate professor of emergency medicine and radiology at Harvard Medical School and the executive director of the Harvard Medical School Library of Evidence. He is also the editor-in-chief of the New England Journal of Medicine's Journal Watch for Emergency Medicine. Follow him on Twitter @AliRaja_MD.

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Published by: Howard Mell, MD, MPH
Created: 6/29/2018
Contains: 10 Episodes

Renowned emergency medicine podcaster Howie Mell, MD, MPH, brings his erudite, outrageous, opinionated, thought-provoking podcast to EMN!

Tune in each month to her Dr. Mell interview top emergency physicians and talk about hot topics in emergency medicine.

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Published by: Zahir Basrai, MD
Created: 8/30/2018
Contains: 9 Episodes
Emergency physicians share the beautiful and the ugly, the touching and the frustrating parts of emergency medicine in this storytelling podcast from Zahir Basrai, MD, and emergency physicians around the country. Visit Dr. Basrai’s website at, connect with him on Facebook at, and follow him on Twittter @nuMosemed.