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Toxicology Rounds: Test Your Toxicology Smarts with Our Annual Quiz

Gussow, Leon MD

doi: 10.1097/01.EEM.0000511942.66144.f8
Toxicology Rounds

Dr. Gussowis a voluntary attending physician at the John H. Stroger Hospital of Cook County in Chicago, an assistant professor of emergency medicine at Rush Medical College, a consultant to the Illinois Poison Center, and a lecturer in emergency medicine at the University of Illinois Medical Center in Chicago. Read his blog, follow him on Twitter @poisonreview, and read his past columns at





It's time for our annual pop quiz on toxicology-related news events from the past year. It was a great year for tox in the news, and your results on this test will serve as a guide for how you should mark the coming of 2017: 0-7 correct: Get a Twitter account. 8-11 correct: Get a celebratory glass of champagne. 12-14 correct: Get a life.

  1. A controversial television commercial that aired during the Super Bowl advertised:
    1. take-home intranasal naloxone.
    2. medical marijuana.
    3. pharmaceutical treatment of opioid-induced constipation.
    4. a sports drink found to contain the banned performance-enhancing drug clenbuterol.
  2. The U.Drug Enforcement Administration created a furor by announcing a ban on a psychoactive plant only to reverse that decision several months later, citing public objection and the need for more The plant in question was:
    1. khat.
    2. kratom.
    3. Psychotria viridis.
    4. salvia.
  3. Which drugs were found at autopsy in the musician Prince, who died of a drug overdose?
    1. Oxycodone and alprazolam
    2. Oxycodone and carfentanil
    3. Fentanyl and alprazolam
    4. Fentanyl and U-47700
  4. Spice USA recalled 50-pound bags of turmeric because it was contaminated with:
    1. aflatoxin.
    2. botulinum toxin type B.
    3. lead.
    4. sodium azide.
  5. Tennis player Maria Sharapova was suspended after testing positive for which performance-enhancing drug?
    1. Clenbuterol
    2. Meldonium
    3. Salbutamol
    4. Stanozolol
  6. Hugo, CO, issued an advisory warning residents not to drink the town's water, citing high levels of:
    1. ammonium nitrate.
    2. arsenic.
    3. lead.
    4. tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).
  7. The police in Westbrook, ME, warned that local batches of heroin had been adulterated with:
    1. carfentanil.
    2. diltiazem.
    3. fentanyl.
    4. W-18.
  8. Two teenagers in Park City, UT, died after taking a drug called “pink” or “pinky” that contained:
    1. carfentanil
    2. dinitrophenol
    4. U-47700
  9. Fear spread through the countryside around Nanjing, China, when more than 200 of which animal escaped from a local farm?
    1. Baby monocled cobras
    2. Gila monsters
    3. Komodo dragons
    4. Krait snakes (Bungarus fasciatus)
  10. A French study of the experimental drug BIA 10-2474, a possible treatment for chronic pain, was halted after the majority of subjects developed significant neurotoxicity, including brain What is BIA 10-2474?
    1. Cox-2 inhibitor
    2. Fatty acid amide hydrolase (FAAH) inhibitor
    3. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID)
    4. Opioid
  11. A JetBlue flight attendant heading to work at Los Angeles International Airport fled after being selected for secondary screening, leaving behind two carry-on What did police find?
    1. Carfentanil (1 kg)
    2. Cocaine (68 lbs.)
    3. MDMA (1761 pills)
    4. Counterfeit Xanax (3129 pills)
  12. According to The Daily Beast, the price of naloxone had risen by how much when compared with when it was first introduced in 1971?
    1. 500%
    2. 2000%
    3. 4000%
    4. 10,000%
  13. Authorities in New York were astounded when they found a complete methamphetamine lab:
    1. under a Walmart parking lot.
    2. in the kitchen of a pizza restaurant.
    3. in the refrigeration room of a local funeral parlor.
    4. in an attic above a coffee shop.
  14. In a sensational trial, a woman was convicted by a Jakarta court of killing a friend by poisoning her iced coffee with:
    1. cyanide.
    2. dinitrophenol.
    3. sodium azide.
    4. strychnine.
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1. C. 2. B. 3. D. 4. C. (Lead is sometimes added to expensive spices to increase weight.) 5. B. 6. D. 7. B. 8. D. 9. A. 10. B. (FAAH breaks down endogenous cannabinoids.) 11. B. 12. C. 13. A. 14. A.

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