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Letter to the Editor: SGR Pronounce and Proceed

doi: 10.1097/01.EEM.0000450856.92722.d2
Letter to the Editor


For the 17th time, I am hearing of another “doc fix” for the SGR. (“SGR Repeal May Be Dead, but It Shouldn't Be,” EMN eNews April 8, 2014;

One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. Well, this is just nuts. And so are the efforts of (dis)organized medicine in this regard. I would submit we are being misdirected, as in the Anansi/Uncle Remus stories. While we are busily occupied playing a game we always lose (17 times at last count) in a foreign country (Washington, D.C.) with rules that are relative to the player (politics), we are expending our political and financial capital in such a fashion that we don't engage the important professional battles, the ones that affect every physician.

Face it, doctors crying poverty doesn't make for a great public service announcement, especially when the bill is presented to the public, due and payable at $180 billion. (

These financial issues (SGR) will sort themselves out; money has a way of doing that. Let the 30 percent cut go through. We can live with that, and we'll figure out what to do (which is how financial markets are supposed to work anyway.) Spend our time and treasure on the stuff that counts: making the environment of care that is correct for us and our patients.

I submit it's time for leadership to lead, and not always back along the same path into a swamp rimmed by a briar patch. RIP, SGR repeal.

Thomas Benzoni, DO

Sioux City, IA

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