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Renowned emergency physician James R. Roberts, MD, and his daughter, Martha Roberts, ACNP, PNP, are teaming up to create a new EMN blog, The Procedural Pause.

The blog will focus on procedures that emergency medicine residents and midlevel providers are often called on to perform in the ED. Each case will cover the basics, the best approach for treatment, and pearls and pitfalls.

The Procedural Pause publishes anonymous case studies that required an ED procedure. The site welcomes all providers to share their ideas about emergency medicine, procedures, and experience with similar cases. Application of the information in this blog remains the professional responsibility of the practitioner.

Like all texts, manuals, support guides, and blogs, this site conveys personal opinions and experiences. Providers may approach a patient or procedure in many ways, and this blog is not a dictum nor is it meant to dictate standard of care. It is a clinical guide, not a legal document; do not reference this site in court or as a defense. It is your responsibility to follow your hospital’s procedures and protocol and to practice under the guidelines of your professional license.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A Father's Day Tribute


This Father's Day, Emergency Medicine News would like to recognize a true leader in emergency medicine. James R. Roberts, MD, a distinguished professor and emergency physician, is one of the founding fathers of the specialty. Since 1972he directly assisted in building the profession, paving the way for thousands of individuals who now call the ED their home.

Dr. Roberts was one of the first emergency physicians in the country, and he has taught tens of thousands of students over the years including physicians, fellows, residents, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and nurses. His expertise is recognized worldwide, and his procedure textbook, Clinical Procedures in Emergency Medicine, is a staple in every ED, not to mention the global reach of his EMN column. ( Dr. Roberts' clinical work in the ED and his toxicology expertise have helped saved the lives of thousands of sick children and adults.

This video is a small collection of images highlighting some of his work in emergency medicine​. Many of these photos were captured during my first clinical rotation alongside Dr. Roberts and his team at Mercy Hospital of Philadelphia, where he was chairman for more than 20 years. It would be impossible to compile a video of all the photos he took of patients and procedures over the past decades, but these are some of the most memorable.

Not only has Dr. Roberts groomed students and new practitioners, he has also taught many, including me, the art of the profession. It's not often you find his kind of intelligence anywhere, but when you do, it is rarely in his modest form. He manages to effortlessly balance his great intellect with a great sense of humor and wit that makes practicing emergency medicine rewarding, interesting, and fun.

I am truly lucky to call him Dad. He taught me everything from my ABCs in grade school to the ABCs of ED patients. He is a truly unique and dedicated soul, but he is, above all else, a caring person. Not only is he highly educated, he practices with feeling, intuition, common sense, and passion. His modest mentorship and enthusiasm for emergency medicine is contagious, in a good way.

This fall during the American College of Emergency Physicians Scientific Assembly in Las Vegas, Dr. Roberts will receive the award for Outstanding Contribution in Education. In nominating him for that award, Anthony S. Mazzeo, MD, wrote, "He has educated physicians worldwide on the nuances of all aspects of EM, from the mundane to the exotic, all with the charisma and erudite vocabulary that is undeniably 'trademark Roberts'. … Dr. Roberts remains a humble, modest, dedicated, and hard-working educator who would clearly never seek the recognition of this award. However, those of us who have worked with Jim and learned from Jim over the years feel this recognition is undeniably warranted."

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers of emergency medicine, and Happy Father's Day to my Dad, James R. Roberts, MD.