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Friday, September 14, 2012

Remote Monitoring Service

Clinicians in health care facilities can now quickly obtain data on the status of Medtronic implanted cardiac devices by using the CareLink Express Service, a remote monitoring system launched by Medtronic. 

When cardiac device patients used to visit emergency departments for any reason unrelated to their implanted device, they often had to wait to have their implanted devices checked in-person by someone qualified. Now, physicians no longer have to wait for a cardiac device expert to perform checks, instead evaluating a patient’s device status online with a remote device representative. In a 55-site pilot program, hospitals using the service were able to reduce patient wait times over a six-month spanfrom an average of 84 minutes to fewer than 15 minutes.

How does it work? Medtronic provides facilities with a monitor (like the one above), which is used to check the implanted Medtronic device. After using the CareLink Express to check a patient’s device, the data are transmitted to a device expert. The expert reviews the information remotely and provides an assessment of the device status to the hospital.

Learn more about the CareLink Express Service by visiting