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Monday, January 4, 2016

The Byrd Takes Flight in UAV Market



ProDrone Technology released the Byrd, the latest product in its portfolio of unmanned aerial vehicles.


The portable consumer drone collapses to the size of an iPad, and may be useful for emergency responders through its small payload attachment that can drop medicine or a GPS once a person is found. The Byrd, named after American aviator Richard E. Byrd, also has a 30 percent longer battery life than others within the same category, and supports several different combinations, including a 4k camera, 1080P camera, infrared camera, and GoPro.


Complete portability and a true customer focused personality separates the device from other consumer unmanned aerial vehicles on the market, according to a company FAQ.


“The ProDrone Byrd really is an essential product that can enrich one's life experience and open up a whole new range of interesting possibilities. The true differentiators are the collapsible capability, swappable gimbal/camera options and social sharing that comes with the dual controllers, and screen sharing,” according to the company’s FAQ.


Byrd’s maximum take-off weight is 3.8 kg and can fly for nearly a half-hour, and costs anywhere between $800 and $3,000 depending on the consumer’s package choice. For more info, visit