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Friday, February 20, 2015

CrowdOptic Hopes to Improve EP, EMT Communication

CrowdOptic allows emergency physicians to observe patients inside an ambulance en route to a hospital by sharing the perspective of an EMT broadcasting in real-time through a wearable device like Google Glass. CrowdOptic is one of five official Google Glass partners.


“Through 4G on the ambulance, he’ll upload high-definition 1080p video that streams to the Cloud and can be accessed through a secure link by a computer or a tablet or even an iPhone by personnel in the receiving hospital,” said Jim Kovach, MD, JD, CrowdOptic’s vice president of business development.


“An emergency physician can talk through two-way audio to the EMT, and he can [zero] in through a digital zoom to instruct the EMT to look at an EKG or to even conduct a pupil exam to look for a contraction or dilation.”


The company said they hope the technology will lead to a new relationship between EPs and EMTs based on a dialogue that’s going to occur over time, Dr. Kovach said. Currently, the company is primarily working on pilots for health care systems that have large stroke coverage, with letting stroke patients bypass an ED the brass ring of this new technology.


“To be able to save the time of repeating a physical exam could save 25 to 30 minutes and really revolutionize stroke treatment,” Dr. Kovach said.



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