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This blog focuses on the latest products, devices, and ideas to improve emergency medicine practice. Brief news releases and photographs are welcome, and must be submitted electronically. Images must be 300 dpi, in tiff, jpeg, or eps format, and at least 4“x4” in size. Please send information to [email protected].

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Latest Technology & Inventions

By Matthew Coleman

The Warm Scrub

Emergency physicians must spend all day in chilly hospitals wearing thin scrubs which are practical but poor providers of warmth. Bob Perez, a radiology technologist, said he “froze” in the bacteria-protected, cold atmosphere of his place of work for 18 years before envisioning ThermScrub, a warm, durable scrub. The ThermScrub maintains the function of a regular scrub, but is made of polyester fleece, a material often used in winter gloves and hats. The ThermScrub comes in nine colors, sizes XS-XXXL. For more information, visit

Resuscitation Quick Guide

Situations often arise in emergency medicine when quick decisions about critical medication and dosage information can mean life or death for a patient needing resuscitation. Though health care providers may have memorized the information, miscalculation mistakes are inevitable. That is where the ABCs of Resuscitation charts come in. These charts follow the same color pattern as familiar resuscitation systems, and supply a quick reference for resuscitation information. The color-coded categories are organized by patient age and weight, and contain emergency medications, precalculated dosages, and size specific equipment. The laminated, waterproof charts are available in pocket, clipboard, and wall sizes. For details, visit

Finding a Job

Emergency physician Brian Rike, MD, found himself frustrated while looking for a job online. Many listings were rife with expired positions and other problems. So last May, he founded, a job site tailored for EPs. Don’t confuse the website as a recruiter-based resource. Jobs can be searched and listed for free. Code3Spots allow employers to log in, list an open position, and get responses. Searchers do not have to log in to view open positions. The website also offers other resources for emergency physicians, including information on how to prepare for boards, emergency medicine news sources, and EP salary information.

Reconnect with Colleagues

Doximity (, a free product that works on mobile devices and the web, is most similar to social media giants Facebook and LinkedIn but is exclusively for health care professionals. Health care providers can connect with colleagues and old classmates by signing up and creating a profile. The website prompts providers to create a profile that includes areas of expertise, subspecialties, affiliations, and Pubmed citations. All physicians are verified via a three-step check. After creating a profile, providers can grow their professional network and exchange messages and private phone lines with selected colleagues. The website also has a database of medical school and residency alumni that allows providers to reconnect with old friends and peers. Doximity also provides phone lists, group texting, and a map of pharmacies, hospitals, labs, SNFs, imaging, and rehab centers.

An App for E/M

Medical Management Professionals, a firm that provides billing and practice management services to hospital-based emergency physicians, has introduced ED Coding Cards, a free smartphone app that features a set of reference cards designed to help emergency physicians with documenting evaluation and management (E/M) services as well as EKG and x-ray interpretations. The app, which is designed for the Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch — it will be available for Blackberry and Android smartphones in the coming months — will help physicians with outlining documentation, giving examples of E/M codes, charting ED levels of E/M services, and providing interpretation requirements for EKG and x-ray. A free copy of the app can be downloaded from the Apples App Store at