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Monday, August 5, 2013

New Safety Eyewear
Honeywell Safety Products has introduced two new styles of protective eyewear, Conspire and Relentless. Both feature the new North Signature Fit profile designed to fit at least 85 percent of wearers without the need for advanced adjustments.
The North Conspire Series features the North Signature Fit profile to ensure a good fit for even a very wide face. Its lightweight, full-wrap design includes an eight-base, single front with dual lenses for protection, plus a shaped nosepiece and flexible temples for comfort. Conspire contains no metal parts for safe dielectric use, and lens tint options allow for use in nearly any light.
The North Relentless Series also features North Signature Fit in a lightweight design with an eight-base polycarbonate lens and frame system with wraparound protection, and shaped and padded nosepiece and temples. It’s available in five lens tint options with an anti-scratch hardcoat.
Both styles are now available through major safety equipment distributors in the Americas. Additional details are available at