Going Global

The Going Global blog is an opportunity for emergency physicians to share their experiences practicing and teaching outside the United States. Submit an article about your experience to EMN at emn@lww.com. Be sure to include a brief biography and photographs of the authors. Photos taken during time spent abroad are also welcome, and should be 300 dpi and in jpg, tif, or gif format.

This blog was started by the emergency medicine residents of Palmetto Health Richland in Columbia, SC, who travel the globe on medical missions. The program is under the direction of Thomas Cook, MD, who oversees one of more than 40 academic departments of emergency medicine that sponsors Global International Emergency Medicine Fellowships.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity
Get a real taste of medical care in China in this video of a trip to Chengdu that Chris Moore, MD, and Thomas Cook, MD, took in July 2011. It’s a bit long (39 minutes), but well worth your time to see how the world’s largest hospital cares for residents of what is now China’s third largest city: population 14 million. (New York City’s population, by comparison, is eight million.)
West China Hospital boasts 6,100 staff, more than 4,500 beds, 36 clinical departments, 15 medical technology departments, and more than 100 OR suites that perform 300 surgeries a day. Patients pay for care before they receive it; a head CT scan runs about $50.
Enjoy Dr. Cook’s commentary, and look for his new column about emergency medicine residency issues, “After the Match,” coming to EMN in July.