Medically Clear

Listen in as Dustin Ballard, MD, and Angela Ballard, RN, explore the emergency medicine literature to bring you the best evidence-based game-changers for your practice.

Dr.Ballard is an emergency physician at San Rafael Kaiser and the medical director for Marin County Emergency Medical Services. Mrs. Ballard is an EMT, registered nurse, and medical writer and editor. Her writing credits include peer-reviewed publications and co-authorship of A Blistered Kind of Love.
Creator: Dustin Ballard, MD, & Angela M. Ballard, RN
Duration: 22:12
Emergency Medicine News 
Listen in as the Ballards parse the literature behind pediatric head injuries and how long victims should rest after concussion.
Creator: Dustin Ballard, MD
Duration: 15:14
Emergency Medicine News 
Listen in as Dr. Dustin Ballard explains how television media outlets package health care evidence for consumers.