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Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

A Foundational Father of Emergency Medicine

doi: 10.1097/01.EEM.0000898268.20014.01


    I wanted to share my brief encounter with the eminent Dr. James Roberts. Your article remembering his achievements was heartfelt. (“James R. Roberts, MD, a Titan of Emergency Medicine.” EMN. 2022;44[9]:1; https://bityl.co/ESoi.) I too always looked forward to his insightful, well-researched articles in EMN.

    A few years back, I was working locums in Bennington, VT, when I was introduced to a nurse practitioner named Martha. I told her I was going to attend the annual ACEP conference in San Diego, and she quickly invited me to have lunch with her father, James Roberts. I still recall my disbelief and thought she was pulling my leg when I asked whether she meant THE Dr. Roberts who wrote the procedures book with Jerris Hedges, MD. She affirmed it was her father. I thought it would never happen.

    Sure enough, I was at the convention a few months later with my son, who was in his second year of emergency medicine training in California, and I mentioned to him about having lunch with this titan of our specialty. He too was skeptical of the meeting happening in such a hectic milieu. I contacted Martha, who graciously arranged a restaurant meeting for the four of us. I wish I could say great words were spoken. What I recall is what a pleasant, humble, and welcoming man he was. He wished my son well in his training, and we parted ways.

    With his passing, another of the foundational fathers of our specialty is lost. I will miss his regular contributions to our knowledge base.

    Leo Alonso, DO

    Jacksonville, FL

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