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Convention Preview

Convention Preview

ACEP 2020: Just Like Being There

doi: 10.1097/01.EEM.0000719136.80544.e7

    The American College of Emergency Physicians has planned the usual comprehensive educational experience for the Scientific Assembly this Oct. 26-29, but in a virtual mode that promises to be just like being there.

    Courses will be on-demand, live and prerecorded, with all the typical social events, including some new ones, like Guac with a Doc Happy Hour and S'mores & Storytelling. We've curated some noteworthy lectures and events you might want to check out! One thing definitely not to miss: live-streamed puppies!

    Not all days and times were available at press time. more information.

    The COVID-19 Pandemic

    Anthony Fauci, MD, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, with a firsthand account of the nation's response to COVID-19.

    EM in the State Capital


    Joneigh Khaldun, MD, on socioeconomic, gender, racial, and other disparities.

    Emergency Care for Transgender Patients

    Camiron Pfennig, MD, on sensitive, effective care for transgender patients.

    Resuscitation-Minded: Metacognition at the Bedside

    Marie-Carmelle Elie, MD, on maximizing patient outcomes no matter how sick they are.


    James Phillips, MD, on workplace violence against EPs and ways to increase staff safety.

    Diversity & Inclusion in Your ED


    Diane Birnbaumer, MD; Vonzella Bryant, MD; Nicole Franks, MD; and Tracy Sanson, MD, on how to strengthen EM with equitable gender equality practices.

    Contract Nightmares

    Thom Mayer, MD, on due process rights, indemnification clauses, and noncompete clauses.

    The JFK Assassination

    Terry Kowalenko, MD, on the medical stories of the assailants and others involved.

    Value-Added by Research

    Richard Gordon, MD; Joseph Piktel, MD; and Jeffrey Kline, MD, on the importance of research for emergency medicine.

    Developing Your Career Niche in EM

    Christopher Doty, MD, on gaining expertise that could lead to career benefits.

    Critical Care Medicine in the ED

    Haney Mallemat, MD, on mastering resuscitation in the ED with bolus-dose pressors, high-frequency oscillatory ventilation, and delayed sequence intubation.

    Coronavirus (COVID-19)


    Alexander Isakov, MD, on how to be best prepared to care for patients in their own communities.

    The Impact of Fatigue

    Torree McGowan, MD, on acute and chronic fatigue and crafting guidelines for safer EDs.

    Super Strategies for Super-Utilizers

    Nicole Franks, MD, on innovative, proven strategies to prevent recidivism.

    The Psychology of Waiting


    Kirk Jensen, MD, MBA, with eight strategies for managing ED waits.

    ED Crowding: Lack of Capacity or Leadership

    Peter Viccellio, MD, and Jay Kaplan, MD, on dramatically improving capacity.

    Report Your MIPS

    Michael Granovsky, MD, on how to report the value-based payment modifier for your best bottom line.

    Advocate for Patients with Mental Illness

    Anthony Cirillo, MD, on policy changes to improve mental health care and decrease boarding.

    Is Medicare for All Ready?

    James Mitchiner, MD, MPH, and Rebecca Parker, MD, on what a single payer would mean for physicians and patients.

    Earth's Vital Signs are Changing EM Practice


    Renee Salas, MD, MPH, on the effect of heat, air and water quality, and vector ecology on EM.

    TACOs, TRALIs, and Tragedy

    Alisa Wray, MD, on complications such as transfusion-associated circulatory overload and acute lung injury.


    Diversity: If You Build it...

    Vonzella Bryant, MD, on the improvements in outcomes that diversity brings.

    Practice-Changing Emergency Research

    Anthony Lagina, MD, on what exciting findings mean for ED patients.

    Prime-Time Practice Changers

    Anthony Lagina, MD; Joseph Piktel, MD; and Richard Gordon, MD, on new innovative research.

    Social Media Horror Stories


    Warren Wiechmann, MD, on how to avoid problems on social media platforms.

    Non-Traditional AMI Presentations

    Amal Mattu, MD, on atypical presentations of ACS that are medical and legal challenges.

    Latest and Greatest ED Technology

    Joshua Broder, MD; Haney Mallemat, MD; and Nikita Joshi, MD, on new tools and tech within emergency medicine.

    The ICU is Not Ready

    Carrie Harvey, MD, on what to do when the intensive care unit has no beds.

    AI is Your Friend


    Jennifer Newberry, MD, on advances in machine learning that can have a real impact on ED patients.

    Pediatric ECG from Normal to Disaster

    Christian Pulcini, MD, on which ECG changes are always abnormal and which are normally abnormal.

    Posterior Strokes

    Rachel Garvin, MD, on recognizing and diagnosing the less common posterior stroke.

    Resuscitation that Kills

    Matthew Roginski, MD, on the difficulties in managing a failing right heart.

    Botched Botox, Bad Fillers

    Jacob Hennings, MD, on what to do for cosmetic procedures that go wrong.

    Challenging Myths and Dogma

    Matthew Silver, MD, on common dogmatic practices and the evidence (or lack of) on which they are based.

    High-Yield Imaging


    Kevin King, MD, on multiple imaging modalities that can be applied to clinical ED scenarios.

    Ultrasound ACLS Resuscitation

    Rachel Liu, MD, on how to become a master at US-guided ACLS resuscitation.

    Surprise Billing Update


    James Mitchiner, MD, on issues surrounding the out-of-network and balance billing debates.

    Cancer Conundrums

    Megan Boysen Osborn, MD, on managing intractable nausea and vomiting, pain, mucositis, and more.

    The Magic of Magnesium

    Amy Ho, MD, on this fascinating dose-dependent drug with many uses in the ED.

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