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Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Focus on Encouragement, Not COVID Tragedies

doi: 10.1097/01.EEM.0000695652.10545.8a


    ‘Thank you” so much for the wonderfully “edifying, encouraging, and uplifting” article, “Death is an Expected COVID-19Effect; Covidlateral Damage is Not” by Seth Hawkins, MD; Sarah Frances McClure, DO; and Wooten Jones, MD, MPH. (EMN. 2020;42[6]:1; I say this with no small amount of sarcasm and anger.

    Since I retired, I have enjoyed keeping up with the latest in emergency medicine. But the last thing I expected is an article sensationalizing all the grief of the pandemic. Shame! This article stooped to a new low of sensational journalism!

    The last thing a burned-out, exhausted, and emotionally bruised EP needs to read is a litany of more tragedy. How about some comfort and encouragement? How about some understanding? How about a thank you?

    I sat on the sidelines during this pandemic, being retired and 72 years old, but my heart goes out to those on the front line. I have been there too. I burned out after 30 years of ED work. The last thing I would want to read is this article.

    Philip J Roode, MD

    Warren, OH

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