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Letter to the Editor

Faith Keeps EPs Pushing Forward

doi: 10.1097/01.EEM.0000695648.63532.1a

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    It is in Emergistan, like the places where our U.S. troops are stationed overseas, that we need faith. We go into a war zone like they do, the emergency department. For some of us, we just got out of boot camp (residency); others are survivors in several decades of war and chaos.

    At times, like our soldiers, we have moments when fighting for our country has humbled us. Other times, bombing and shellings are like that pediatric resuscitation that comes in right after you treated a tension pneumothorax and an apneic 5-day-old infant has shell-shocked you because you've done everything, yet death prevailed. But you must remain calm because you are the troops' captain, and like the commanders of our troops, if we show fear or lose faith, we lose our team, our troop, and our purpose—the patient.

    Sometimes despite what we do in Emergistan, we will lose some. But the one thing that keeps us alive is our love, sense of purpose, and faith in God, knowing those will deliver us from the chaos we encounter. I agree Christmas should be in Emergistan every day. It brings goodness, like the mail packages for troops abroad. Everyone has his own faith. So ask yourself, “Will I have that faith to get through my next assignment in Emergistan? Or will Emergistan be my last deployment?”

    Levon Vartanian, MD

    Spring, TX

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