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Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Administrators Work to Let EPs Do Their Jobs

doi: 10.1097/01.EEM.0000695656.37814.78


    The article attacking hospital administrators based on the financial stress that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused was uncalled for. (“Administrator to COVID-19 Staff: We're Not Making Enough Money,” EMN. 2020;42[6]:1; The stress and increased workload were not limited to clinical staff. While we were dealing with patients on the front line, our administrators were working tirelessly to obtain PPE, ventilators, and experimental drugs from a limited pool.

    They were working on strategies to mitigate payroll reductions despite massive revenue drops, and they were trying to maintain workforce morale despite having to furlough some staff. They worked overtime—unpaid. They shared in our financial setbacks by accepting lower salaries and forfeiting incentive payments.

    It would be entirely inappropriate for them to stick their heads in the sand and not try to come up with strategies to stabilize revenue streams. For the most part, hospitals are not money-making ventures. The majority of U.S. hospitals are part of non-profit networks. Any profit they realize must be reinvested into the community. This letter reveals the type of tribalism (us v. them) that is far from helpful. It serves no one and creates a false villain of our allies. Without hospital administration, we could not do our job. We could not see patients. We could not make a difference.

    I am sure there are arrogant, self-serving administrators out there. I am also well aware that there are arrogant, self-serving physicians. Let's not have our conversations focus on their poor behavior though. We need to stand together in times of crisis, or we will fall apart.

    John Wilson, MD

    Easton, PA

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