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Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

POCUS, Hocus Pocus, POTUS, Ford Focus

doi: 10.1097/01.EEM.0000651052.56033.c3


    Thank you to Christine Butts, MD, for her article defending POCUS from the attack of the Canadian Association of Radiologists. (“Canadian Radiologists Flex at EPs' Expense,” EMN. 2019;41[11]:1;

    I feel, however, that the article was unnecessary for most of the ED community, which has confidently championed the eFAST exam and many other improvements in front-line medical care.

    Remember, though, who is flexing. Canadian radiologists, eh? I remember when there were more MRI machines in my county than in all of Canada. It makes me wonder if the Canadian radiologists were confused. Maybe they thought that POCUS was related to hocus pocus or POTUS or the Ford Focus.

    I can't say what was going through their minds, but whatever it was, it wasn't sound (pun intended).

    Claus Hecht, MD

    Orange County, CA

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