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Reopening AAEM to APPs Will Enhance Teamwork

Emergency Medicine News: July 2019 - Volume 41 - Issue 7 - p 5
doi: 10.1097/01.EEM.0000574848.16109.b9
Letter to the Editor
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There has been much discussion, at times heated posturing, regarding the American Academy of Emergency Medicine's position statement on advanced practice provider independent practice in the ED and revocation of APP membership. (“AAEM Opposes NP and PA Independent Practice,” EMN. 2019;41[4]:2;

I am an acute care NP working in an ED collaboratively with my physician colleagues. Although I am an active member of the Emergency Nurses Association and the American Academy of Emergency Nurse Practitioners, I speak as an individual, not as a representative of those organizations.

In my 37-year career as a paramedic, 28 years as an ED nurse, and 12 years as an ED APP, I have enjoyed a collaborative and collegial environment with physicians. I do not support APP independent practice in the ED.

APPs are a valuable supplement to the ED team. We help patients enter, safely navigate, and exit the ED with our physician colleagues. My concern is the push for what I believe is a too-rapid advancement from RN to APRN. This places ill-prepared providers at the bedside, and is a dangerous approach.

I value my collaborative arrangement, and I believe it provides a safe ED patient experience. I have no doubt many knowledgeable and skilled APPs practice and some have even implied that I belong in those ranks, but I still lack the formative and extensive education of emergency physicians.

Collaborative practice implies sharing knowledge and experience. Allowing APP membership again in AAEM would enhance that collaboration.

AAEM said it values its APP colleagues, and if that is so, I implore the academy to reopen APP membership so that we may benefit from their community and continue to improve our clinical practice. Working together, we can all help our patients achieve safe outcomes.

Andrew J. Bowman, MSN

Lebanon, IN

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