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Letter to the Editor

Thank You for Giving Dr. Leap a Platform

Emergency Medicine News: May 2019 - Volume 41 - Issue 5 - p 7
doi: 10.1097/01.EEM.0000558197.93897.31
Letter to the Editor


I just finished reading the article “D/C: A Little More of the God's Honest Truth” by Edwin Leap, MD. (EMN 2019;41[3]:21; I have to say that this is the best thing I have read since I began practicing medicine in 2006! Dr. Leap is spot on in his approach to how we should be advocating for our patients!

Most of the problems that we face in emergency medicine (the opioid crisis, crowding, burnout, etc.) stem directly from the fact that 99 percent of emergency physicians are afraid to give their patients the tough love they need. Dr. Leap's humorous yet accurate approach to this topic was a breath of fresh air!

I sincerely hope that the folks at EM:Rap consider having him on the podcast, and he should be a keynote speaker at the next ACEP conference.

Thank you for giving Dr. Leap a platform. I hope to read many more of his articles in the future.

Michael Simpson, MD

Georgetown, TX

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