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Letter to the Editor

Ophthalmic v. Optic Drops for Otitis Externa

doi: 10.1097/01.EEM.0000554862.69098.1e
Letter to the Editor


I routinely prescribe Ciloxan cipro 0.3% solution four drops QID for one week for otitis externa because it costs under $20 with a GoodRx coupon versus $242 for Ciprodex, which also has 0.3% cipro. Does Dr. James Roberts have any thoughts on issues with efficacy in using the ophthalmic v. optic preparation for otitis externa? (EMN 2019;41[2]:17;

Sean O'Meara, MD

Winnsboro, SC

Dr. Roberts responds: You and Dr. Gabrysch (see letter above) have educated this old guy; where have I been? Using Ciloxan, ciprofloxacin eye drops, for otitis externa seems like a bona fide intervention. I am surprised it is not more widely advocated. GoodRx is universally available to decrease the cost of many medications. Bravo to you both for bringing this to our attention. Don't forget to tell the pharmacist and the patient about the switch.

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