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Letter to the Editor

Showcasing Symbols of All Faiths

doi: 10.1097/01.EEM.0000554304.39889.0c
Letter to the Editor


I am writing to respond to an article titled “Are you a Terrorist” by Ameet Nagpal, MD. (EMN 2019;41[1]:28; I am happy to see EMN publish articles like this that share personal experiences of discrimination in and out of health care.



I am, however, a little disappointed by the visual in the middle of the page. While it showcases the religious symbols of various faiths, including Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, among others, to spell out the word “coexist” in an attempt to embrace differences, it fails to display the Sikh symbol, the Khanda.

Like Dr. Nagpal, I am a Sikh. I maintain a long beard and wear a turban daily in accordance with Sikh practices. While the entire article is about a Sikh physician's experience, nowhere on the page is the Sikh symbol, the Khanda. I would deeply appreciate it if you could display the Khanda so that others who may not know much about Sikhs can learn to associate it with us.

Harajeshwar S. Kohli, MD

Durham, NC

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