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Letter to the Editor

EM Docs Supports the Left but not the Right

doi: 10.1097/01.EEM.0000553487.62672.63
Letter to the Editor


I don't know the last time Alex Mohseni, MD, checked out EM Docs, the Facebook group he mentioned in his column (“The True Value of Social Media in EM,” EMN 2018;40[11]:23;, but it's obvious that if you don't agree with the leftist positions in that group, you are yelled at, insulted, and shut out.

There was a thread recently about gun control, and many of the physicians were incredibly nasty to conservatives. The founder either participated in the insults or didn't stop them. In addition, she banned conservative physicians from the group. Dr. Mohseni has an equal obligation to let readers know about conservative emergency physician groups such as EM Docs on the Right. Unfortunately, EM Docs, although initially well-intentioned, has become overrun with moderators who have a very specific left-of-center political agenda. Please let your readers know there are other choices, such as EM Docs on the Right.

Simone Gold, MD

Los Angeles

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