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Superhuman Puts Other Email Servers to Shame

Mohseni, Alex, MD

doi: 10.1097/01.EEM.0000553475.50104.b1
Doc ApprovED

Dr. Mohseni is an emergency physician, telemedicine provider with CirrusMD, and the editor of his own blog, Follow him on Twitter @amohseni, and read his past EMN columns at



Neanderthals are to Homo sapiens as Gmail is to Superhuman. Superhuman is an email client that is by far the most enjoyable software I have ever used other than Zapier and Civilization. If you are willing to pay $30 a month for the most incredible email experience, read on.

Superhuman is designed for true superusers who want to blow through hundreds of emails and hit inbox zero at breakneck speed. The entire interface is designed for speed, which by definition means keyboard shortcuts instead of the mouse. The Superhuman team is obsessed with having keyboard shortcuts for everything and making it super easy to learn and use the shortcuts, so they created a retro Tetris-like game for users to memorize the shortcuts. Every time you do something in Superhuman, an unobtrusive text field shows you the keyboard shortcut you could have used instead.

But keyboard shortcuts do not a great software make. The Superhuman team has figured out all the barriers to triaging email, like seeing your calendar for the day mentioned in the email and automating access to that information. When you reference a day such as “next Monday” in your email, for example, Superhuman will automatically pull up your calendar for that day.

If you forget a shortcut, your single go-to for all actions is Command-K. If you are in an email and realize you need to add somebody to the cc field, instead of using your mouse and editing the field, just type “+” and start writing the name of the person you want to add.

The list of genius time-saving tricks is endless. I encourage all productivity-obsessed folks to try out Superhuman and be prepared to be blown away. (

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