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Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

EPs Caught in a Deeply Flawed System

doi: 10.1097/01.EEM.0000550384.85539.89


    Ironically I read the extremely gut-wrenching article by Alex Mohseni, MD, while attending the 50th anniversary ACEP convention in San Diego with my son, who is a second-year EM resident. (“Why I Quit Emergency Medicine,” EMN 2018;40[10]:1; There is so much truth in Dr. Mohseni's comments.

    In the for-profit U.S. health care model he described, we who are immersed in it realize it is deeply flawed and, even worse, malicious. These outcomes are not surprising because we as a nation are still arguing whether health care is a right or a privilege—the only industrialized country in this stunted development—and because we glorify unrestrained profit and concentrated wealth. I encourage everyone to become active politically regarding what the politicians say about our health care crisis and its solutions. If you believe more of the status quo is the answer, look back at the history of managed care, HMOs, and free reign on insurance companies.

    Americans love technology, but EMRs are too primitive and designed for the wrong purpose (billing no. 1) to have been forced on all hospitals as CMS mandated. Well-intentioned but premature. I am glad to hear that Dr. Mohseni can still apply his talent as a physician to help others. I still believe we have the most noble profession. Hopefully, my son and many other young EPs can find inner peace in the real and hostile world humans have created (and can also deconstruct) for the betterment of everyone.

    Leo Alonso, DO

    Jacksonville, FL

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