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EPs Are Paying for Admins' Sky-High Salaries

doi: 10.1097/01.EEM.0000547708.64720.0d
Letter to the Editor
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Not only are we paying administrators' salaries, as Edwin Leap, MD, said, but their compensation is at record levels. (“Back to Work! There Are Administrators to Pay!” EMN 2018;40[8]:23; If there was ever any doubt, just google CEO or executive salaries for the top three contract companies—Envision, TeamHealth, and Schumacher. Executive annual compensation most recently reported was more than $2 million on average and as high as $21 million for one CEO-president. Schumacher doesn't list their salaries, but notably they have 25-plus executives at the top of the company. Doubtful any of them are getting this for working night shifts in the ED.

Jeffrey Proudfoot, DO

Gilbert, AZ

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