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ER Goddess

Having It All

Simons, Sandra Scott MD

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doi: 10.1097/01.EEM.0000547697.96107.b9

    Do any other working moms actually buy into the fairy tale that we can have it all? I think we're lying to ourselves. We tell ourselves things like, “After my 12-hour night shift I'm going to read two sections of my board review book and finish my overdue article before I fall asleep.” Yeah, right.

    Usually all I can do is read one section, write two sentences, and fall asleep with my laptop on top of me. If I'm lucky. Sound familiar?

    Like many of you, my life is a juggling act inspired by the naive notion that I can have it all. I've got news for you: Having it all is a myth that gives us unrealistic expectations and sets us up for disappointment. Can we all please recognize that this concept is rubbish? The reality is that you can only juggle so many balls before you drop something. Life is about choices, priorities, and tradeoffs.

    This month you are reading a blurb instead of a full article from me because studying for my 10-year board recertification meant sacrificing my column for a bit. What can I say? Sometimes maintaining balance means not expecting ourselves to do it all. Give yourselves permission to drop a ball now and then. It's perfectly OK.

    Now, excuse me while I send this studying ball into the stratosphere.

    Until next month,


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