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The True Value of Social Media in EM

Mohseni, Alex MD

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    social media, Facebook
    social media, Facebook:
    social media, Facebook

    Facebook has received much criticism lately for its privacy fiascos, but it does offer group forums for EPs to congregate and share stories and resources in ways that create tremendous value. The group EM Docs has more than 18,000 members worldwide, and is the most popular EM forum. ( EPs share their frustrations, moments of glory, and challenging stumpers (all following HIPAA rules to protect patients, of course) with a community that for the most part is tremendously supportive, helpful, and fun.

    Stories range from heartwarming tales of nurses going to a local store to buy backpacks and clothes for the children of an essentially homeless patient to rants about EMRs and administrators who want to destroy your day. To have a place to share these highly emotional anecdotes, recount your aggravations, and see that you aren't alone and that your colleagues around the country share many of the same ups and downs is cathartic, reassuring, and moving.

    There are other wonderful Facebook groups to join as well. Sanjay Iyer, MD, a wonderful friend of mine, recently started the EMDocs Jobs group, in which EPs can share job opportunities and honest feedback about different staffing groups. ( He made the critical decision that this group would be open only to physicians; no recruiters allowed. The FeminEM group is a community helping address the challenges for women working in emergency medicine. ( Kudos to Dara Kass, MD, an old classmate of mine, for founding an important organization.

    Experience the true value of social media by joining communities that let us support each other, help us feel more connected, and make our lives more meaningful.

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