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PowerPoint Challenged? A Free Designer at Your Disposal

Mohseni, Alex MD

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Emergency Medicine News: May 2018 - Volume 40 - Issue 5 - p 24
doi: 10.1097/01.EEM.0000533740.09598.c7
    presentation, design
    presentation, design:
    presentation, design

    Whether you are an ED chair hosting monthly department meetings or a resident presenting a medical topic, nearly each of us needs to know how to create a slideshow. Unfortunately, this can mean spending endless hours desperately trying to coax PowerPoint to do what you want, only to create a presentation with a hideous patchwork of misaligned graphics and malfunctioning animations.

    If this sort of misadventure sounds familiar, try This website offers an incredibly easy and intuitive way to create truly beautiful and professional-looking slides in just minutes.

    What makes magical is that it does many difficult things automatically, true to its artificial-intelligence-referencing domain (actually, “ai” refers to Anguilla, but still). When you change the background color, for example, the foreground colors change automatically to make sure you have proper contrast so the text is legible. Images and icons scale automatically as you add or subtract them. Color palettes are grouped and straightforward to apply and switch for those of us with no design sense.

    A massive bank of high-quality stock photos and icons is included and simple to deploy. Charts are beautiful and incredibly easy to create and modify to your needs. Interesting and impactful slide templates, like process diagrams, funnels, numbered boxes, cycles, and timelines are already created and painless to customize. Comparison slide types like Venn diagrams and XY plots and quadrants are also a breeze to use.

    The only downside is that after using software with such a wonderful and natural interface, you will return to your EMR and be in need of some Zofran.

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