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Your Life in Lists

Mohseni, Alex MD

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doi: 10.1097/01.EEM.0000526861.38504.e0

    As obsessed as I am with discovering and testing productivity tools and hacks, I occasionally miss a really great one. This miss was huge—an app that immediately changed how I organize a lot of my work, thinking processes, notes, and to-do lists. The app is WorkFlowy, available on as well as in the iOS and Android app stores.

    WorkFlowy is deceptively simple. It is simply a zoomable outline structure in which you can keep notes and lists. How could such a simple thing cause such a profound change in my daily work habits? I'm still trying to fully understand this change myself. It turns out almost everything I deal with can actually be considered a list. I have lists of projects, to-do items, conversation notes, ideas, project details, contacts, events, etc. It also turns out I want all of those things to be in one easy-to-search tool, not spread out across a bunch of different Google docs.

    Imagine a single massive Google doc that has all of your ideas and notes in a one huge outline. That outline would have so many nested layers that it would be unusable. But then imagine that you can easily zoom in on any level with a powerful search tool, and when you zoom in, you can see each nested layer in isolation. That's WorkFlowy.

    Wait, there's more! WorkFlowy has tons of hidden features that make it super powerful, including hashtags and @ designations, so you can keep everything organized, easy to find, and easy to share with a team.

    WorkFlowy is free. Watch a how-to video at I'm confident the organizer in you will love it.

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