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Doc ApprovED: Bringing Credentialing Up to Speed (Finally!)

Mohseni, Alex MD

doi: 10.1097/01.EEM.0000524791.82303.c0
Doc ApprovED

Dr. Mohseniis an emergency physician in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area and the chief innovation officer of Emergency Medicine Associates. He is the editor of his own blog, Follow him on Twitter @amohseni, and read his past columns at



I'm a huge fan of anything that makes our jobs as emergency physicians easier, and I'm sure there is no more painful nonclinical aspect of our jobs than hospital and payer credentialing. This is especially true for the typical EP whose tolerance for inefficiency and redundancy is nonexistent.

I recently met Jon Larson, MD, MBA, an emergency physician and a former U.S. Army officer, whose mission in life is to rid us of the pain of credentialing. Jon is a founder of MedSpoke, a company that is trying to solve this problem from every possible angle. (

Medspoke offers a beautiful and easy-to-use mobile app to store, track, and share all your personal data, credentialing data, CME, licenses, and other documents. It automatically tracks expiration dates to reduce the cognitive load of maintaining your licensures. Each document's metadata (title, expiration date, etc.) is stored, easily accessed, and reviewed in the Medspoke system, along with a digital copy of the document itself.

More importantly, Medspoke offers a full-service program to handle all your hospital credentialing needs on your behalf, for the individual or group level. This service is a huge win for small groups without a credentialing team or even larger groups that are growing but can't hire credentialing staff quickly enough.

MedSpoke's approach to this problem is best reflected by its DropZone concept: Just drag and drop any or all of your files, and they'll figure out the rest. It couldn't be any easier.

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