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Letter to the Editor: I Let My Dad Die Too

doi: 10.1097/01.EEM.0000515703.74580.45
Letter to the Editor


I also lost my father during medical school like Joseph Cruz, DO, and went through a similar situation in the ICU with him as he let go. (“I Let My Dad Die,” EMN Enews 2016;38[11A]; The nurses wanted to resuscitate, but I said no more and asked them to turn up the morphine drip. It was also my first medical command of a critical situation, and I knew it was my dad's wish.

My dad was a physician as well and had told me that he was “terminal.” He didn't make it to my graduation, but I certainly felt his presence. I still do when deliberating over clinical decisions. He was my mentor, and though he was not a touchy-feely guy, I knew he was proud of me and loved me very much. An interesting side story is that he also lost his father to cancer while in medical school, and because of World War II, he wasn't able to be there when he passed away.

T. E. Marnie, MD


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