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Your Own Private Practice in an App

Mohseni, Alex MD

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doi: 10.1097/01.EEM.0000490519.53645.d3

    The administrative burden of dealing with insurance companies has forced many physicians to seek other models of reimbursement, many of whom are moving to a “direct-pay” model. In direct-pay health care, patients pay physicians cash episodically or on a subscription basis, bypassing insurance companies completely. Patients are willing to pay out of pocket to gain more convenient access, faster service, increased attention, and perceived better care.

    In case you thought this model was mostly for office-based physicians and not applicable to emergency physicians, think again. Direct-pay medical care actually provides a unique opportunity for emergency physicians to earn a sizeable side income if you have the right tool and a bit of entrepreneurial spirit.

    One such tool comes from Push Health. ( Push Health has more than 2,500 registered doctors, NPs, and PAs providing text and image-based telemedicine care to patients in a mobile app. What distinguishes Push Health from many other telemedicine platforms, however, are the included payment module, integration with Quest Diagnostics, and optional pay-as-you-go medical malpractice coverage.

    Let's say you want to start providing medical care to your friends and acquaintances. Using Push Health, you can easily invite potential patients to your practice using email or social media. You decide who has access to your practice, what you charge, and what you will do, and Push Health makes it easy to manage the encounters, document notes, and accept payment from your mobile device or computer. The app also works with Quest Diagnostics and electronically processes lab orders and results. Your patients no longer need to waste half of their day at an office visit just to get a script for some lab tests that they already knew they needed.

    Push Health also offers an innovative pay-per-encounter malpractice option. Malpractice coverage is provided for the encounter for only $5 extra per encounter, and is billed to the patient. It's great to see innovators like Push Health rebuilding the health care landscape with tools and workflows that are more efficient and convenient for all parties.

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