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Letter to the Editor: ‘How Does USACS Protect Our Future?’

Emergency Medicine News: July 2016 - Volume 38 - Issue 7 - p 2
doi: 10.1097/01.EEM.0000488840.54068.8c
Letter to the Editor


I found Dr. Dominic Bagnoli's rationalization of his “group” condescending and paternalistic. (“Democratic Groups Need Protection” [letter], EMN 2016;38[5]:9: As the last democratic group in our area, we were recently denied renewal of a 24-year contract. In spite of poor ratings of the hospital administration and chronic nursing shortages leading to unstaffed beds, boarders, and psych holds, we were left holding the bag for bad metrics. US Acute Care Solutions (USACS) came to the rescue, and we are no more.

USACS is the result of powerful money attached to an investor group who will want their money multiplied and returned. This money does not buy the “highest quality patient care” any more than health care administrators provide health care.

This is a direct result of consolidation of control over medicine by government bureaucrats, hospital corporations, and insurance companies. The administrative goal is to have a simple chain of command. The individual EPs are easier to ignore because they are buffered by the corporate structure on both sides of the equation.

The profits we used to earn went back into our group. That same profit now goes to USACS. We still do the work, take the chances, pay the emotional and physical price, and have less control. How again does this “protect” our future as EPs?

Craig Corey, MD

Davidson, NC

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